What types of items can I sell?

We buy new and gently used items for babies, kids, teens, men and women (including maternity). This includes clothing, accessories, shoes, and purses, as well as baby equipment like strollers, pack n’ plays, swings, and high chairs. We also purchase baby essentials like carriers, nursing accessories, monitors, and diapers (cloth & disposable). We do not purchase furniture, housewares, cribs, or car seats.

How much money will I get for the items you buy from me?

Our selling prices are usually about 40% of retail, and we offer you a percentage of that price, depending on the quality of the item and the brand. After we process your order, you’ll receive a cash offer and a store credit offer. You can select whichever offer is best for you! If you have questions about your offer, feel free to give us a call.

What if you purchase my items and I change my mind?

Once you accept your offer, we will quickly move those items to our sales floor the same day. If you accept your offer in error, call immediately, and we’ll work with you as best we can. Items from accepted offers are not guaranteed to be returned as they may have sold.

What if you don’t want my items?

Any items that we are unable to purchase will be returned to you or donated. We ask that any items to be returned are picked up within 24 hours. If you are unable to pick up your remaining items within the time frame, please give us a call and we can arrange a pickup date. Items that have not been picked up in the appropriate time frame will be donated to one of our families in need organizations in Cape Verde, off the coast of Africa. We send almost a ton of donations each month.

What is your return policy for items purchased in your store?

Items returned within 3 days of the original purchase date will be refunded using the original payment method. Items returned within 4-7 days of the original purchase date will receive store credit for the purchase amount. The day of purchase is day 1. Returns will not be accepted without the original tags attached and your receipt. If you signed into your account when you made your purchase, we can provide your receipt.